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5 Simple Steps To Improve Your CTR ctr, how to improve ctr, click-trough

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

I’m sure that most of you know what CTR stands for, but just in case – it’s Click Thru Ratio. One of most important factors for PPC publishers. It simply the percentage of impressions on your page that converted to clicks. To make it more clear let’s say that you had 100 impressions on website and 10 clicks, so your CTR will be 10%. Why is it so important? As you propably noticed by raising your CTR you will raise also your revenue but more importantly, the CTR is one of these PPC factors that you can control. So, let’s see what you can do to raise your revenue by raising CTR. (more…)

Leading the Way on the Best Prospects

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Brendon SinclairPart of the ideal business situation would have to be a continuous line of prospects beating a path to your door. If you can achieve this with minimal effort and low costs, then you’re well on your way to owning your own jet! We’ll look at some of the new services available–including a new SitePoint initiative for web professionals–that could just help you achieve this goal.

In this week’s Tribune, I’ll deviate from the Marketplace to discuss the most efficient way to handle thorny clients. This is one of those things you learn through hard experience, and I hope you can use my advice–because it’s easier said than done.

Moving on, we look at a type of client you might target even if they may not seem profitable in the first instance. Their own profitability is not the point–read on to find out why.

We’ll finish off with a very cost-effective tool that is not only useful, but makes you look every inch the winner AND will increase your profitability without question. Check out this worthwhile site below.

Happy reading!


Brendon Sinclair

Become Your Own Advertising Agency with tyBit’s Advertising Value Added Reseller Program (AdVAR)

* Get 20% commission for advertising on accounts you manage
* Get 30 – 40% commission for tyBit searches from your website
* Get a FREE domain name of your choice
* Set up your own Campaign Management terms with your clients
* Allows your clients to advertise locally, nationally, or globally
* Advertise using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Global Keyword Registry
* Ability to create text, audio, or video ads that will be served based on keyword

Find out more about how you can become an AdVAR


  • Introduction
  • Editor’s Perspective: Generating Cost-Effective Leads Perpetually
  • How to Handle Thorny Clients
  • From the Forums: The Client Worth Chasing–Even If There’s (Seemingly) No Profit
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Latest Tutorials
  • Hot Discussions
  • New Blogs (more…)

ECMAScript Harmony: New Life for JavaScript

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008


Andrew TetlawHello Tech Timers! This issue of the SitePoint Tech Times is all about Harmony.

Kevin brings exciting news from a recent meetup of The ECMA Technical Committee in Oslo. I know “technical committee” and “excitement” seem like a contradiction in terms, but trust me, if you’re a JavaScript fan you’re going to be excited.

Read on for Kevin’s report.

Our web developer customers can sleep at night.

Your job is building great websites for your clients. Lying awake at night wondering if those sites are accessible is not.

That’s why we maintain Fully Redundant Network Operations Center capabilities from two cities 24/7/365. So you can impress your clients and still get some shut-eye.

Find out why 3.1 million websites call The Planet home.

Celerons for $69/Month + Free Setup
Dual Xeon 2.4 IDE for $139
Free Backup for 90 Days


  • Introduction
  • ECMAScript Harmony: New Life for JavaScript
  • New Technical Articles
  • Techy Forum Threads
  • More Techy Blog Entries (more…)

Design View #48 – HTML Email & the Legion of Doom

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008


Alex WalkerWe hate to love it and we love to hate it, but HTML email is here to stay. In issue #48 of the new and improved Design View, I’m going to give you a down ‘n’ dirty view of our HTML newsletter redesign process.

I also wanted to remind you that Web Directions South is fast approaching — a little over five weeks away — and will be held in Sydney. Come along, drink cheaply, and meet lots of cool and interesting people. Oh, and there’s also a raft of brilliant conference speakers to entertain and educate you during the day.

If you plan on coming, it’s better to act sooner than later. Web Directions SouthThe “middle bird” (as opposed to “early bird”) discount is valid until the end of August, and SitePoint readers are eligible for a further $A55 discount by entering the code ‘WDS-SP’ during purchase.

Hope to see you there.

Alex Walker
SitePoint Design View

Upgrade Your Business Potential

Take the next evolutionary step in web hosting and remove the worry that your website is not constantly available. AIT’s Enterprise Class servers allow you to have room to grow at an accelerated rate without a loss in the quality of service.

  • Production Class Server
  • 24x7x365 Heroic Support
  • Maximum Uptime & Security
  • Fully Managed or Self-Managed with Root Access

Learn more about Enterprise Hosting from AIT


  • Introduction
  • Part I — The Dark Heart of HTML Email
  • Part II — The Initial Testing Phase
  • Part III — The Final Testing Phase
  • Latest Tutorials
  • Hot Discussions
  • New Blogs (more…)
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