10 SEO Tips for Weight Loss Sites

by www.moreniche.com

I have put together a list of my top 10 SEO tips for weight loss sites. If you are promoting UniqueHoodia and Proactol then you should make sure you are doing all of the points below. Some are more generic SEO tips that work on any type of site, others are more specific to weight loss sites.

1) Make all of your Meta Titles and Descriptions Unique

This is a pretty basic thing which most of you probably already do. However it’s importance for any type of site cannot be underestimated. You should never repeat a meta title and description on more than one page so ensure they are all unique.

2) Target the latest craze products e.g. Acai Berry

Every now and again a new craze product arrives that draws massive attention. They are not usually hard to spot as you will suddenly see you inbox swell with spam emails about the product. Spam is actually a good thing for us because it creates a massive interest – hoodia would not be as well known as it is now if it wasn’t for spammers!

So, make sure when something like Acai Berry comes along that you make pages/posts about it on your site and optimize it for the SERPS. Even if you do not directly promote the product, just pages with information about it and then a reason why they should consider your number 1 product will help you get traffic and conversions.


3) Target Highly Searched Competitors

In the weight loss industry there are some products that get a high number of searches, an example of this in weight loss is ‘Pure Hoodia’. Like tip number 2, make sure you have optimized pages around that keyword even if you are not promoting the product itself.

4) Post on Weight Loss Forums

Weight loss is one of the niches where getting away with posting on forums is quite easy. You can register as someone who is just starting out with a weight loss plan and start asking questions about different products.

You need to find the forums that are not too strict on people posting URLs. Once you have made several posts and built up a good reputation, sneak your URL in to your signature…..then carry on making good posts on a regular basis.

5) Do Something Controversial

This goes for any niche but again is a little easier in the weight loss niche. Think of a hot topic and develop a controversial argument or opinion about it. Then post away on your site. To get the ball rolling you can post a link to this ‘disgusting’ post you have just found on a few forums and then watch the viral effect take a hold.

Just be careful not to be too offensive, you dont want to give you site a bad name! A good time to do something like this is April Fools day….ok you have missed it this year but one for the future, create an unbelievable story and then post about it on forms. People love trying to catch each other out with April Fools.

6) Create a Funny or Informative Video

Preferably you should create your own unique video, however if you dont have the skillset or equipment you can edit an existing video using Windows Movie Maker (free) or similar software.

Find an angle that people will find funny or very useful as these will get passed on. Then post on video sites like YouTube and ensure you include a link to your site. Then do some SEO on the video by building some links. Sites like YouTube have very high authority which makes it easier to get them listed high in Google.

7) Latch on to the Latest Celebrity Diets

Seen a story about a celebrity who has lost or put on weight? Make sure you create a post or page about that celebrity story. When these things appear in the media people go in to Google and search for things like ‘Jennifer Lopez Diet’. If you get listed high for terms like this then you will see a nice boost in traffic.

8) Target Negative Search Terms

A lot of people will avoid targeting search terms which go against what they are promoting. For example ‘Weight Loss Dangers’ gets a few hundred searches a month but has much lower competition than ‘Weight Loss’. Because they are lower competition you should find it easier to get ranked and your post can still be positive so you re-assure the surfer. Target enough of these well and increase your traffic successfully.

9) Offer Articles to Top Authority Sites

There are many top authority sites for weight loss, why not offer to write them an exclusive and unique article in exchange for a link back to your site from the article?

10) Submit Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to increase the quality of inbound links you have coming to your site. One of the best PR portals is PRWeb which you can submit a release to from $80. Obviously this isn’t free but submitting once a month or every 2 months will help you to build up a good base of inbound links.

You can utilize the latest feature you have added, or even the latest story in the news and give your take on it in the press release.

Follow these tips and you should be able to give your site a good SEO boost and start generating more traffic and more sales!


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