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Copywriting Tips – 9 Powerful Ways to Grab and Hold Your Prospects’ Attention

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

by Jeremy Gislason

One of the most important copywriting tips is to immediately grab your target prospects’ attention. Once you’ve captured their interest, you have to keep them glued to your message.

All your efforts in creating the sales letter will go to waste if people will not even begin to read it. Once your prospects read the first 25% of the entire sales message, there’s a good chance they’ll continue reading.

That’s why it’s vital that the first few parts of the sales letter grab their eyeballs or arouse their curiosity so much that they can’t stop reading.

Here are some vital copywriting tips to grab your prospects’ attention and keep it longer. (more…)

Leading the Way on the Best Prospects

Friday, August 29th, 2008


Brendon SinclairPart of the ideal business situation would have to be a continuous line of prospects beating a path to your door. If you can achieve this with minimal effort and low costs, then you’re well on your way to owning your own jet! We’ll look at some of the new services available–including a new SitePoint initiative for web professionals–that could just help you achieve this goal.

In this week’s Tribune, I’ll deviate from the Marketplace to discuss the most efficient way to handle thorny clients. This is one of those things you learn through hard experience, and I hope you can use my advice–because it’s easier said than done.

Moving on, we look at a type of client you might target even if they may not seem profitable in the first instance. Their own profitability is not the point–read on to find out why.

We’ll finish off with a very cost-effective tool that is not only useful, but makes you look every inch the winner AND will increase your profitability without question. Check out this worthwhile site below.

Happy reading!


Brendon Sinclair

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