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Hello world!

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Welcome to My Blog !

This is blog with some information and application for you. Please view it and invite to your friend about this Blog. (more…)

How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to A New Hosting Provider

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

By Adrian Try (Sitepoint)
We’ve been talking a lot about web hosting recently. It’s important that your hosting plan matches the needs of your website, and your hosting provider is reliable, responsive, and around for the long haul.

What if you’ve realized that your current plan doesn’t meet your needs. Or you’re dissatisfied with the service of your current provider? What’s involved in moving your WordPress site from one hosting provider to another? How can you achieve this without major headaches or downtime?

I have to admit I’ve been thinking about changing hosting providers for a while, but since my websites were actually up and running, there wasn’t a sense of urgency. So I procrastinated. (more…)

WordPress Websites Secrets

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

New for 2009!

Learn why so many marketers are secretly using blogs to create easy “make in a day” static websites.

Discover a wonderful trick many top internet marketers know. (The ones who create hundreds of minisites, and have multiple business ventures in full swing at any given time.)

You can take an afternoon to create an easy wordpress blog with this step by step guide.


* How to set up a wordpress blog on your own site

* How to easily operate through cPanel

* How to find and install plugins, widgets and themes

* How to remove components that make it look like a blog
And much more…..

WordPress Plugins Guide

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

WP-plugin-guide-200New for 2009

By Jerry Holliday
Provided By Jeremy Holliday
Discover how to power up your Blog with WordPress Plugins from stats, marketing and business to video, audio and beyond. Over 150 WordPress Plugins listed in categories.

This is a Silver Member download.

Retail Value: $7.00 (more…)

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